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A Place for Healing and Starting Anew

My Mission

To listen,  support and guide you to a new level.  It is my goal to help you realize your happiness is here and YOU CAN do what you love and love what you do.


My Story

Hi, I'm Nioma, recovering from self-sabotage and I'm here to guide you to your best self!

I was so tired of breaking promises to myself, I would continuously make commitments to myself yet never fulfill them. Slowly over time, I stopped trusting my inner voice which led to feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem. This made me create bad decisions and left me feeling depressed, with a "what's the use attitude." I was no longer listening to my instincts and I was trusting other people to make decisions for me; which really was NOT in my best interest.  This is when I realized either I spiral deeper into that dark hole or I take control of my own life and make a change.   That's when I found RTT, or maybe I should say that's when RTT found me. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy helped me change my feelings of depression and change my circumstances in a short period of time. I was so truly blown away with the results that I had an overwhelming urge to share this RTT method with other people. I knew if I could change so could anyone else who is stuck and struggling with the knowing and longing that there is more out there! I immediately signed up for an extensive online training course with Marisa and her team of experts to become a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. I then continued my training live, and am now  Certified as a Hypnotist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I love my life and my work!  I want to help others feel the same way!!!

I discovered if we know where to look and have the right tools, we can learn more about ourselves. We can also become best friends to ourselves, making us feel connected, secure and happy. This enables us to be strong and to know our boundaries and make good choices in order to live a wholehearted life.  

Through Marisa Peer’s  Rapid Transformational Therapy method, we get to the root cause of the problem—the reason(s) why you engage in self-defeating practices , why you keep breaking promises you've made to yourself, why you can't follow through to completion or keep falling back into old self-defeating patterns.

You can get to you, just like I did! 

Together, we can find out what's keeping you stuck, turn it around and empower you to start living a vibrant, exceptional life...the life you were always meant to live.

Sometimes, I don’t like the circumstances around me but I now know I have the power to change them.  Ultimately, I love life and people. I believe we are all meant to live a vibrant life.  I believe in YOU.

So together lets smash the blocks and unleash that simmering, unlimited potential. You can live a life without debilitating thoughts, anxiety, or ambivalence.

This is your time on earth, make it count.

Learn more about Rapid Transformational Therapy  by watching this video.

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