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Stories of Success From My Clients

Engage your bullet-proof mindset and soar to new heights!

How I’ve Helped My Clients Overcome

Their Life’s Struggles

At Academy of I, you’re not alone with your journey. I’m here to help open your door of unlimited opportunities. Read the positive reviews from happy individuals who have underwent my Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions.


Cigarette-Free (One Month After My RTT Session)

“The whole thing, with my daughter's emergency hospital visit was a bit stressful, but guess what?! I did not smoke. I barely even wanted to. There were parents there that smoked and they switched off to sit with their child to go out  to smoke and they came back and they smelled so bad. I was so happy that it wasn’t me wanting to go out for a smoke.  I wasn’t even frustrated with how long the wait was because I wasn't craving a cigarette. I feel like this is my quit and I will never go back. I said that last time, but this time is sooo much different. Your hypnotherapy session helped a lot.

So thank you!” 

Milestone: It has been just more than 3 months, still smoke free and I have saved over $1,000.00!

-M.H., Alberta, Canada

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